Answered By: Robert Sebek
Last Updated: Jan 12, 2015     Views: 81

Students should be able to use the library’s computers to write Chinese and a number of other languages. The language bar is where students can change to Chinese input on the library’s computers. I just installed it in the following steps:

1.      Click the START button at the bottom let of the computer

2.      Click the CONTROL PANEL button


4.      Click the LANGUAGES tab, then click DETAILS

5.      On the SETTINGS tab click ADD for a drop-down to choose from many languages

6.      Choose Chinese (PRC) for simplified characters or of course Chinese (Taiwan) for full characters.

7.      Click APPLY and OK

After that there should be a small EN on the bottom right toolbar on the desktop, or CH for your Chinese input. By clicking on the EN and choosing CH one can type like this: 我会写中文 and if the incorrect character appears for the pinyin one typed in, right-clicking on the character will pull up a list of alternative characters, like any Chinese computer, to select from.

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